Rada’s Gin&Tonic

In each podcast episode, Sve su to vještice talk about all things social with their guests. This is why they always share a recipe with us – be that for the kitchen or a general lifestyle. Our other friends frequently jump in with their own recipes, too.


Rada’s Gin&Tonic contains a couple of crucial, carefully selected ingredients. It’s best to consume it in the afternoon, when nobody except you is at home. Reading Sylvia Plath’s poetry is desired, but so is any other free activity, for example, doing your nails.  


  • Gin – Hendrick’s, of course
  • A cucumber
  • Tonic water, but NOT Schweppes
  • Chunky ice cubes


  • One gin shot before noon
  • Two if it’s past noon
  • Add tonic, stir with a wooden spoon
  • Add a thick slice of cucumber
  • Add chunky ice
  • Drink and repeat according to taste